About us

The Association of Slovenian Dermatovenereologists is a voluntary, nonpartisan, and nonprofit professional association of private individuals whose basic mission is to promote the development of dermatology in Slovenia.

It began operation in 1978 as the Dermatology Section of the Slovenian Medical Association. Its first chair was Milan Betteto (1922–2007).

In 1998, the section was renamed the Association of Slovenian Dermatovenereologists, and today it has 130 members. Any physician from Slovenia or abroad interested in cooperating with the association can join it.

The basic goals of the Association of Slovenian Dermatovenereologists are as follows:
• Promoting the development of dermatology in Slovenia;
• Promoting dermatological and interdisciplinary research;
• Promoting the professional training of Slovenian dermatologists;
• Raising patient and public awareness about skin diseases;
• Promoting ethical principles in relationships with coworkers and patients.

The association cooperates with leading educational and clinical institutions in Slovenia and welcomes all dermatologists from Slovenia and abroad.

It hosts three annual specialist events for its members and colleagues from other specialist areas: the Dermatology Weekend during the last weekend in March and the third weekend in October, and the Derma-Forum during the first weekend in December.

The Association of Slovenian Dermatovenereologists publishes the English-language journal Acta Dermatovenerologica Alpina, Pannonica et Adriatica, which was founded by Aleksej Kansky (1925–2015) in 1992.

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